Technology is supposed to make life easier, isn’t it? Not when you are faced with 6 remotes for the TV room! We make technology simple to use. Press one button to turn everything on, press one button to turn it all off when you are finished. Easy!

By careful planning and design we can run all of the relevant cables providing you with a very discreet system. If you are building your home, or planning some refurbishment, now is the perfect time to carry out this work. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

Here are just some of the services we provide

Sales and Service for All Linn Products

Linn LP12 Service Centre

High End Hi-Fi

Multi-Room Audio with Smart Phone control

Design and Consultancy for whole house Smart Home technology

Smart Lighting Systems

Home Cinema Systems

High End TV and Projector Calibration for the best picture quality possible

Ultra High Resolution TV Distribution Systems (4K)

High Definition TV in every room

Centralised Move Library

Centralised Music Library

High Speed Enterprise Grade Networking

High Speed Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi Systems

Sky HD