WE LOVE MOVIES just as much as we love music, so we insure that every cinema system we offer gives you the maximum enjoyment possible, regardless of the budget.

From a simple flat screen TV with surround sound speakers, right up to bespoke invisible cinema systems that disappear when you are finished, we can guide you through the options to suit your home.

Because of our High End Hi-Fi background we take sound quality as importantly as picture quality, so by combining both together we can create a system that outperforms your local multiplex. Ultra High Definition projectors give a larger than life image so sharp and clear you would think you were looking through a window. When the bullets start whizzing you’ll find yourself ducking by reflex, and when you are watching a live concert movie the sound is so sublime you’ll feel like you are in the crowd.

We also offer simple ways to store your movies, enabling you to watch your entire movie collection from any room in the house, not just the cinema room.

Whether it is a family room cinema for €2,000, or a 40 seater reference cinema system for €200,000, we’ve got the system for you.

If you have always dreamed about having a home cinema system in your house please get in touch, we can make those dreams come true!

Your entire movie collection, at your fingertips.

Browsing through your movie collection by cover art always takes the pain out of deciding what to watch. Store your entire movie collection on one hard drive and enjoy watching it from any TV in the house!